IAYP: Unlock Your Potential, Ignite Your Impact

Welcome to the International Award for Young People (IAYP), a global platform for non-formal education that empowers young minds aged 14 to 25 to dream big, celebrate achievements, and make a lasting impact in their world. Discover the transformative journey through three prestigious levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Participants embark on a holistic adventure, completing four mandatory sections—voluntary service, adventurous journey, skill, and physical recreation—to achieve their coveted awards.

Unlock Your Potential

Why Choose IAYP? - Igniting Your Potential for Lasting Impact

Embark on a transformative journey with IAYP, where personal growth isn’t just encouraged; it’s celebrated. Discover the depths of your capabilities through our three distinguished levels—Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Ignite Your Impact

Beyond individual accomplishments, IAYP is about making a tangible difference. Join a community where your journey isn't just for yourself but contributes to positive change in communities globally.

Holistic Development

IAYP goes beyond conventional education, fostering holistic development through voluntary service, adventurous journeys, skill-building, and physical recreation.

Global Recognition

Become part of a prestigious league of achievers recognized worldwide. IAYP alumni stand as testament to the program's global impact and your potential for success on the world stage.

IAYP Adventure Unveiled: A Glimpse into Gold Excellence

Challenges, Triumphs, and Endless Fun – Explore the IAYP Gold Adventure!

Join us in reliving the captivating moments from our recent IAYP Gold Adventure. Our students, brimming with enthusiasm and courage, embraced challenges, celebrated triumphs, and had an unforgettable time that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Your Journey Starts Here

Join the ranks of young leaders who have transformed their potential into impactful change. Whether you’re dreaming of Bronze, Silver, or Gold, the IAYP program is your gateway to personal growth, adventure, and making a positive difference. Start your journey with purpose—Ignite Your Impact with IAYP.