LASSI 2024 - A Resounding Success

Welcome to our celebration of knowledge and collaboration at the LASSI2024 symposium, held at Good Shepherd International School in Ooty. This year's event brought together passionate students and educators to explore the transformative power of Liberal Arts and Science, guiding us into tomorrow with enhanced understanding and new perspectives.

Event Highlights

From thought-provoking masterclasses to inspiring keynotes

The Liberal Arts & Science Symposium India – LASSI 2024, held from April 25th to 27th, was a transformative journey through the realms of Liberal Arts education. As participants, speakers, and partners converged, the symposium became a vibrant tapestry of ideas, insights, and collaborations.


Dive into our masterclasses where renowned experts addressed the evolving roles of Liberal Arts in the modern world.

Keynote Speeches

Highlights from speeches that inspired and challenged our views on education.

Interactive Case Studies

Participants explored real-world applications of Liberal Arts, enhancing their learning experience.

Liberal Arts & Science Symposium India 2024

A closer look at our featured sessions and the thought leaders who made them memorable.

LASSI 2024 provided a platform for in-depth discussions on the core principles, challenges, and global prospects of Liberal Arts. Distinguished speakers such as Anil Srinivasan, Chetnaa Mehrotra, and Jacob Thomas shared their expertise and passion, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.

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Participant Insights

The testimonials from LASSI 2024 participants reflect the high caliber and positive impact of the event. Attendees praised the informative sessions, excellent networking opportunities, and the overall organization. The event not only provided valuable industry insights but also fostered meaningful connections and professional growth. These endorsements highlight LASSI 2024’s role in driving industry innovation and collaboration.