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Back to School with Warm Smiles!

Our campus is abuzz with excitement as the doors reopen following a delightful summer break! The laughter of students and the joy of reuniting with friends and teachers permeate the atmosphere, infusing every corner of our esteemed institution with a sense of positivity. Despite the chilly weather in picturesque Ooty, the warmth of their smiles is truly heartwarming! We are delighted to witness our young scholars eager to embark on yet another enriching academic journey, armed with curiosity and an eagerness to learn and grow. View all the images to bear witness to the sheer happiness and camaraderie that grace our campus.

Celebrating Unity and Inspiration at School Assembly!

On this auspicious day of 24th July 2023, Good Shepherd International School conducted its much-anticipated assembly in the esteemed Dr. P C Thomas Auditorium. The event truly exemplified the values and excellence that epitomize our school community.

Initiating the assembly, Diya from Grade 7 led us in a heartfelt school prayer, followed by the resonant voices of all, singing the School Song with profound pride and enthusiasm. Rajveer, a talented student from Grade 10, graced the stage as our eloquent news reader, delivering the latest updates with finesse and charm.

Inspirational words flowed from Abraham, a shining star from Grade 11, as he delivered an empowering speech, enlightening everyone about the significance of time management and its profound impact on students’ lives. Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat, our esteemed Principal, graced the assembly with his wisdom and encouraging message. He emphasized the paramount importance of identifying one’s true passion, striving for excellence, and cultivating a world-class mentality through goal-setting and diligent efforts.

A Warm Welcome to Our New Students!

Our campus was animated with enthusiasm as proud parents brought their little ones, commencing a thrilling journey with GSIS! The recently renovated dining hall hosted a delightful welcome luncheon, facilitating the bonding of our new students with their peers and teachers, and laying the foundation for enduring friendships and cherished experiences.

With heartfelt farewells and cheerful smiles, the new students bid adieu to their parents, prepared to embrace the exciting opportunities that await them at India’s best residential school! As we embark on this momentous journey together, we extend our warmest greetings to our new students, promising a world of knowledge, prospects, and indelible moments here at GSIS!

A Night of Global Delights and Joyous Revelry!

The “Around the World Dinner” proved to be an indelible evening filled with an array of exquisite delights from 14 countries, captivating and tantalizing the taste buds of our esteemed attendees. As our students embarked on a culinary journey, savoring the diverse flavors of China, France, India, Jamaica, and more, an atmosphere of sheer delight and excitement permeated the air.

The event commenced with mocktails and juices, setting the stage for a night of gastronomic exploration. Dishes such as Roast Duck, Butter Chicken, and Sushi graced our plates, symbolizing a celebration of cultures and their rich culinary heritage.

One of the highlights of the night was the engaging passport activity, where students eagerly collected stamps at each country counter they explored, transforming their passports into vibrant mementoes of this extraordinary event.

Carnival Day - An Exuberant Day of Merriment and Merrymaking!

Our campus was transformed into a vibrant carnival, as students embraced a day of sheer joy and excitement! Dancing to lively tunes and laughter resonating through the air, they reveled in the spirit of togetherness and elation like never before.

From exhilarating games to friendly competitions, every moment was brimming with exhilaration and happiness. The festivities commenced with the Cricket Hoops challenge, followed by the thrilling Shark Attack game, where they aimed for the mouth of the shark with wet sponges.

The Corn Hole Throw brought out the competitive spirit in pairs, while the Ring the Duck game brought smiles as they attempted to loop the rings around the ducks’ necks. Students showcased their basketball prowess in the Free Throw Shootout and Tennis Challenge, hitting the stumps and aiming for the bull’s eye in the exciting Dart and Tennis Challenges.

The merriment continued with the Tin Can Alley, Stick Challenge, 3v3 Basketball Shootout, Wall Speed Climbing Challenge, Fussball Challenge, and Table Hockey Challenge, with each activity adding to the thrill and delight of the day.


Exploring Nature's Beauty at Pykara Waterfalls!

Our esteemed new students experienced a truly remarkable outing amidst the awe-inspiring Pykara Waterfalls during their recent visit. The sight of the majestic cascades and the pristine surroundings left our young adventurers spellbound, marveling at the wonders of Mother Nature. At Good Shepherd International School, we hold firm in our belief of offering our students enriching experiences that transcend the confines of the classroom.


Celebrating Triumph at the 48th Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship

We are proud to announce our exceptional students’ participation in this prestigious event, showcasing their remarkable talent and dedication in shooting. With 1 participant in the pistol event, Jaishimha Pasala Choudhary, and 6 participants in the rifle event, our team displayed exceptional prowess.

All six participants from the Rifle event qualified for the Pre-National (South Zone) level, a testament to their outstanding skills and commitment to excellence.

Congratulations to our talented team members:

  1. Sudarshan Karbari
  2. Jenil Sardara
  3. Rishi Aggarwal
  4. Dhanush Kunta Reddy
  5. Nishi Dobariya
  6. Rishu Advika

Student-led Events

TEDxGSIS - Embracing Sustainability

The upcoming TEDx event, themed “Sustainability,” is scheduled for the 23rd of September at the prestigious Dr. PC Thomas Auditorium.

The central focus of the event revolves around the concept of Sustainability – the imperative to meet present needs while safeguarding the potential of future generations to meet their own needs. The discussions will encompass a wide array of topics, ranging from the utilization of renewable resources to the incorporation of recycled materials in art and urbanization. Moreover, the event will explore the viability of ‘hype’ as a sustainable business model and delve into the realm of sustainable personal development, presenting diverse and captivating perspectives.

Sharing the IAYP Gold Award Residential Project Moments

We proudly acknowledge the participation of our 8 exceptional students in the IAYP Gold Award Residential Project at Irulas Tribal Village. Over the course of five days, they demonstrated exemplary qualities, encompassing Social Interaction, Peer Relations, Teamwork, Responsibility, Initiative, and Selfless Service. Their unwavering dedication to personal growth and community development serves as an inspiring example to all!

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