Shepherds' Boulevard March 2024

Academic Excellence

Commendations to GSIS Delegation for Success at DIAMUN 2024

Congratulations to our GSMUN team for their outstanding performance at the Dubai International Academy Model United Nations Conference 2024, held from March 1-3. Demonstrating exceptional diplomacy and leadership under the theme ‘Innovating Towards a Sustainable Future,’ our students showcased remarkable talent and commitment.

A special commendation goes to Dhruva Siddalingappa Umachagi for securing the Best Position Paper award while representing the United Nations Environment Programme, France. Dhruva’s dedication and skill have brought honor to our school and underscored our commitment to excellence. Kudos to all participants for representing Good Shepherd International School with distinction on the global stage!

Campus Life

GSIS Art Exhibition 2024

Step into a realm of creativity and inspiration as we invite you to witness the essence of our art exhibition! Today, we had the honor of inaugurating the event with President Jacob Thomas and Senior Vice President Sara Jacob.

We are thrilled to share glimpses from this spectacular showcase where our talented visual art students of 2024 exhibit their passion and dedication. From captivating paintings to intricate sculptures, immerse yourself in the artistic ambiance that fills our school corridors.

Diplomacy Unveiled: MS-MUN Inaugural Ceremony

Amidst a buzz of excitement, the Middle School Model United Nations (MSMUN) kicked off its grand opening ceremony. With delegates from across our school community gathered, we set the stage for insightful debates and collaborative problem-solving. As the curtains rose on this prestigious event, we embarked on a journey of global engagement and intellectual discourse. Here’s to fostering future leaders and promoting international understanding through the power of Model UN!

Honoring Diplomatic Excellence: MS-MUN Closing Ceremony

With hearts full of gratitude and minds enriched with new perspectives, we bid farewell to yet another remarkable chapter of the Middle School Model United Nations (MS-MUN). The closing ceremony commemorated the dedication, collaboration, and diplomatic prowess displayed by our delegates throughout this enlightening journey. As we reflect on the invaluable experiences shared and friendships forged, we reaffirm our commitment to global citizenship and the pursuit of peace and understanding. Until we meet again on the world stage of diplomacy, let the spirit of MS-MUN continue to inspire us all!

Exploring Economics: IB PYP Grade 4 Marketplace Adventure

In a dynamic exploration of economic principles, our IB PYP Grade 4 students embarked on an enriching journey through a hands-on marketplace activity. Turning their classroom into a vibrant marketplace, students assumed the roles of both vendors and customers, actively participating in the exchange of goods crafted with their own creativity and ingenuity. This immersive learning experience not only deepened their comprehension of economic concepts but also nurtured essential life skills as they embraced the roles of budding entrepreneurs, fostering a sense of empowerment and discovery among our young learners.

Harmony and Joy: Embracing Unity at the 8th Grade Hi-Tea

Amidst the vibrant halls of GSIS, our 8th-grade students recently gathered for an evening of camaraderie and festivity at a lively Hi-Tea gathering. With the air filled with cheer, students delved into an array of activities, showcasing their dance skills and exploring the melodies of various musical instruments. Laughter and conversation echoed throughout the space as they bonded over delectable treats and exchanged stories, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and friendship.

The event served as a delightful respite from the rigors of academics, offering students a chance to unwind and connect with their peers beyond the confines of the classroom. As they embraced the spirit of togetherness, the evening left an indelible mark on everyone present, strengthening the sense of community and belonging that defines the essence of GSIS.


GSIS Triumphs in NDCA Under-13 Inter-School Tournament

In the latest triumph for Good Shepherd International, our cricket team secured a resounding win over St. Joseph’s Boys HSS in the NDCA under-13 inter-school tournament. Atharv Arunil’s exceptional five-wicket haul, conceding only 26 runs, propelled us to victory, showcasing the dedication and skill of our young athletes. Congratulations to our team on this remarkable achievement, marking yet another milestone in our sporting journey!

Summer Break 2024 in Turkey and Jordan

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with our ‘Unforgettable Summer Break 2024’ as we explore the enchanting landscapes of Turkey and Jordan. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the surreal wonders of Cappadocia, followed by the ancient marvels of Petra and the rejuvenating waters of the Dead Sea, each destination beckons with its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking scenery.

Summer Break 2024 Itinerary: Date: 17th May – 27th May 2024 Destinations: Istanbul, Cappadocia, Petra, Dead Sea, Amman Flight Partner: Turkish Airlines

For bookings and inquiries, please contact: Ms. Anila Jose Manager, Thomson Tours and Travels Mobile: +91 9486608660 Email:

Summer Camp 2024

This year, GSIS proudly introduces its inaugural summer camp, a meticulously curated program blending education, recreation, and personal development.

Running from May 19th to June 3rd, 2024, the GSIS Summer Camp welcomes students from Grades 7 to 12. The camp offers two primary series: the intellectually stimulating Scholastic Mastery series exploring International Relations and Business Management, and the exhilarating Athletic Summit featuring activities like Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee. Each program ignites curiosity, fosters skill development, and creates lasting memories for participants.

Join us at the GSIS Summer Camp 2024, where education meets excitement and personal growth knows no limits. Enroll early to seize the exclusive Early Bird Rate and embark on a transformative journey with us!

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