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Academic Excellence

IB Manthan 2024: Our Vision for the Future of Education

Exciting News! GSIS proudly introduces “IB Manthan 2024,” a visionary exploration into the Future of Education. At the forefront of 21st-century learning, we’re thrilled to unveil a tapestry of insights, innovative strategies, and inspiration for both educators and students. This global conference, featuring distinguished educators from around the world, promises to redefine the educational landscape. Join us on this transformative journey as we collectively shape a brighter, more innovative future for students. Stay tuned for regular updates and be an integral part of this evolution!

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Campus Life

Festive Delights: Reliving the Magic of GSIS's Christmas Celebration

Step into the enchanting evening of Wednesday, November 29, 2023, as we revisit the vibrant Christmas celebration at Good Shepherd International School’s Open Air Stadium. Adorned with festive lights, the stadium transformed into a captivating winter wonderland.

Our students filled the space with laughter, joy, and the unmistakable spirit of togetherness. The festivities started with carols and dynamic performances by a rock band, creating a lively and festive ambiance. Santa Claus made a spirited entrance, distributing treats to excited young attendees. The fort, acting as a hub, delighted taste buds with a delectable spread of festive culinary delights, adding a savory touch to the celebration.

This Christmas Party showcased the resilience and adaptability of the GSIS community in creating memorable moments despite unique circumstances. It highlighted the strength of our bond and the dedication of our students and staff.

GSMUN 2023 - Where Youth Drives Global Solutions!

The Good Shepherd Model United Nations (MUN) stands as a student-driven initiative, extending its reach to high school and higher secondary students. Functioning as a unifying platform, it facilitates student collaborative efforts to address pressing global challenges. Participants engage in dynamic debates on international issues, fostering compelling arguments and embracing diverse perspectives.

At Good Shepherd, our core objective is actively encouraging students’ involvement in such deliberations. These experiences not only enrich their understanding but also catalyze the developing of invaluable public speaking skills crucial for their personal and academic growth.

The Good Shepherd International School takes pride in its participation in the esteemed “The Hague International Model United Nations” (THIMUN) procedure this year. Originating as a local MUN conference in The Hague in 1968, spearheaded by Mr. Paul Sand from the American School of The Hague, THIMUN has evolved into a globally recognized event.

GSIS boasts a rich history of successfully hosting MUN conferences over the years, contributing to the legacy of this influential and prestigious gathering.

Opening Ceremony: Unveiling a Vision of Global Unity

The opening ceremony of GSMUN 2023 buzzed with electrifying anticipation as delegates, faculty, and distinguished guests gathered in the auditorium. Themed “Global Solidarity for Sustainable Development,” the event kicked off with a vibrant flag display, symbolizing unity among diverse nations. Abraham Jacob, Deputy Secretary-General, emphasized collective action for global challenges. Shreyansh Mali’s opening declaration echoed as a rallying cry for three days of intellectual exploration. Co-heads of committees previewed the intricate issues awaiting debate, and the ceremony ended with a stirring musical interlude, setting the stage for impactful conversations defining GSMUN 2023.

Closing Ceremony: Celebrating Achievements and Inspiring Futures

As GSMUN 2023 concluded, a palpable sense of accomplishment filled the air. Shreyansh Mali, the General Secretary, reflected on collective achievements and transformative discussions from the past three days. A soul-stirring musical interlude, featuring “Unstoppable” by The Sufi Crossover, provided a poignant backdrop as committee heads shared reflections on resolutions and breakthroughs. Emotions ran high as Himani Saravaiya welcomed attendees, leading to a keynote speech by Colonel Rajeev Sharma, Deputy Commandant of MRC. Special awards recognized outstanding contributions, and a captivating video encapsulated the conference’s essence. The ceremony ended with the national anthem, symbolizing not just the event’s end but the beginning of a lasting legacy.

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Annual Inter-House Swimming Meet Makes a Splash at GSIS

The echoes of cheers and the rhythmic splash of water filled the air as Good Shepherd International School hosted its much-anticipated Annual Inter-House Swimming Meet for the academic year 2023-2024. The competition, featuring the four spirited houses—Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter—unfolded in a thrilling display of athleticism, camaraderie, and determination.

In the Boys’ category, Winter House emerged as the undisputed champion, amassing an impressive 354 points. Not far behind, Summer House secured the second position with 235 points, showcasing remarkable skill in the pool.

The Girls’ category witnessed a fierce competition, with Summer House claiming the top spot with 331 points, showcasing their aquatic prowess. In the combined Boys and Girls category, Summer House continued its dominance, securing the first position with 46 points.

The overall results painted a dynamic picture of house-wise performances. Summer House claimed the coveted first position with 612 points, showcasing exceptional talent and determination. Winter House secured the second position with 594 points, closely followed by Spring House with 475 points in the third position. Autumn House, demonstrating commendable efforts, secured the fourth position with 470 points.

Individual achievements added a thrilling dimension to the event. T. S. Nishanth Thalamuthu from Winter House emerged as the fastest male swimmer in the 25m event, while Rumaisa Alam Khan from Summer House showcased her speed in the girls’ category. Shivesh Agarwal from Summer House demonstrated remarkable endurance in the longest event, the 1000m swim for boys, while Samyukthaa Sashikumar from Spring House exhibited her prowess in the 800m event for girls.

These outstanding swimmers not only contributed to their respective house victories but also added a layer of excellence to an already exhilarating competition.

As the swimmers basked in the glory of their achievements, the Annual Inter-House Swimming Meet proved to be a celebration of sportsmanship, teamwork, and the indomitable spirit of the Good Shepherd community.

Echoes of Eloquence: A Tale from the Inter House Elocution Competition

Resonating with eloquence, the Inter House Elocution Competition, held on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, witnessed Grades 7, 8, and 9 students infuse the air with compelling narratives. Each speaker, a storyteller of thoughts, painted the stage with articulate reflections and persuasive arguments. As the audience embraced the power of words, the competition became a celebration of expressive prowess. Congratulations to the participants for contributing to this captivating narrative, showcasing the intellectual richness within our GSIS community.

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