Shepherds' Boulevard September 2023

Campus Life

Commemorating Teachers' Day at GSIS!

In a heartfelt demonstration of their appreciation, our students extended a warm tribute to their cherished educators on this special occasion. From the heartfelt presentation of flowers to the indelible impressions left by our students in grades 7 to 12 through their highly engaging dance performances, the stage came alive with entertainment that left everyone in high spirits! With their humorous choreography and the creation of enduring memories, our students paid a heartfelt homage to their teachers.

Embracing the Spirit of Janmashtami with Dance and Delight!

On the 7th of September, we commemorated Janmashtami with boundless joy and unwavering enthusiasm! Our young ones gracefully twirled, danced, and immersed themselves in the essence of this auspicious day.

Highlights from Our Commemorative Peace Day Assembly

Within the serene ambiance of our esteemed Dr. P. C. Thomas Auditorium, today was dedicated to celebrating the timeless legacy of peace. Our students united for a special assembly, employing the medium of art to convey a profound message.

With graceful movements, they danced to the harmonious rhythm of peace. They presented dramas that conveyed themes of unity and understanding. They sang melodies resonating with the essence of peace.

Honoring the Legacy of Victor Sir

On a poignant Friday, the 8th of September 2023, our school assembled in a ceremony filled with both tears and joy to pay tribute to our beloved mentor and inspirational figure, Mr. Victor Selwin. The occasion became even more significant as his son, Noel, his wife, Tess, and their three beautiful children graced our school with their presence.


Pykara Lake: A Journey of Learning, Leading, and Giving Back

We are delighted to share a memorable moment captured at Pykara Lake, Tamil Nadu. Our students had the privilege of being the pioneers of the Pykara Watermanship Training for the year 2023-2024.

In a heartwarming display of gratitude, our dedicated sea cadets took the initiative to distribute clothing to the hardworking individuals who provided invaluable assistance during their watermanship training at Pykara. These images encapsulate a unique blend of learning, camaraderie, and community support that define our educational journey.


Triumphant Victories at the YMCA District Table Tennis Tournament!

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of our young champions at the YMCA District Table Tennis Tournament. Their exceptional performances have left an indelible mark!

  • 🥇 Under 15 Boys – Aaryaman Harlalka: Runner-up
  • 🥉 Under 15 Boys – Yadhavar Babu: 3rd Place
  • 🥉 Under 19 Boys – Ramanand: 3rd Place
  • 🥉 Under 19 Boys – Anirudhh: Semi-finalist
  • 🥉 Under 17 Boys – Ramanand: 3rd Place
  • 🏅 Under 17 Boys – Jay Rajesh Panjri: 4th Place
  • 🥉 Under 13 Boys – Yadhavar Babu: 3rd Place
  • 🥉 Under 13 Girls – Nang Thiyong: 3rd Place


Their unwavering dedication and remarkable talent have truly shone bright. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support.

Student-led Events

Applauding Our Exceptional TEDxGSIS 2023 Team!

We express our deepest gratitude to every student and staff member who dedicated their passion, commitment, and creativity to make TEDxGSIS 2023 an extraordinary success. Your tireless endeavors, collective teamwork, and unwavering dedication served as the driving force behind this remarkable event.

From the organizers to the technical experts, from the speakers to the stage crew, and from the visionary designers to the influential promoters – each one of you played an indispensable role in bringing our concepts to life. Together, we shared stories that ignited inspiration, ideas that spurred change, and moments that will forever remain etched in our hearts.

Thank you for your brilliance, boundless enthusiasm, and steadfast belief in the potential of ideas worth spreading. You are the true champions of TEDxGSIS 2023, and your influence will resonate far beyond these impactful presentations.


Announcing "The Tahr Times": Our Student-Driven Newsletter

We are thrilled to introduce a remarkable initiative our students took – “The Tahr Times.” This monthly newsletter is a testament to their dedication and passion for showcasing the vibrant tapestry of campus events.

Meet the Team:

  • Editor-In-Chief: Sanaya Pathapati
  • Writing Team: Kevin Joseph and Abraham Jacob
  • Curation Team: Araya Vastani, Eshaan Kattepur, and Sangay Nathan
  • Art and Design: Rebecca Jacob, Myiesha Parekh, and Yashvi Gajera


“The Tahr Times” is not just a newsletter; it’s a window into the heart and soul of our campus, reflecting our student body’s talent, enthusiasm, and creativity. Stay tuned for engaging stories, insightful articles, and captivating visuals that will keep you connected with the exciting happenings at our institution.

Let’s stay connected and be among the first to get the latest updates! Join us on our social media platforms and be part of a community that’s always on the edge, embracing new and exciting changes.

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