Fostering Creativity: The Next Step in India's Education System

Fostering Creativity: The Next Step in India's Education System

According to an article in The Economic Times, policymakers and teachers must reboot so that the education system does not merely produce human chatbots. The article suggests that most schools in India take a dim view of students going off the beaten path, thinking differently or even being imaginative or creative. Creativity is an essential skill that allows individuals to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to foster creativity in students to prepare them for future challenges. This article explains the current state of creativity in the education system, the importance of fostering creativity, and the way of promoting creativity in schools.


The current state of creativity in India’s education system


Unfortunately, creativity is often overlooked in India’s education system. The focus is often on rote memoization and achieving high test scores, rather than encouraging students to think critically and creatively. This can stifle the natural curiosity and imagination of young minds. The recently announced National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 emphasizes the need to shift focus from examination and rote learning to conceptual clarity, critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, and creativity in the Indian education system. This is a welcome step as India badly needs creative minds that can bring big changes and can help India become a global power. The NEP 2020 focuses on the education and skills needed for the youth of 21st-century India. The aim is to equip students with the skills of the 21st century such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, curiosity and communication.


The importance of fostering creativity in students


Fostering creativity in students is crucial for their personal and professional development. It allows them to approach problems from different angles and come up with unique solutions. Creativity also promotes emotional intelligence, self-expression, and mental well-being. There are several ways to promote creativity in schools. Teachers can incorporate creative activities into their lesson plans, such as brainstorming sessions, group projects, and hands-on learning experiences. Schools can also provide resources and opportunities for students to explore their interests and passions. 


Ways to promote creativity in Schools


There are many examples of successful implementation of creative education programs around the world. In Good Shepherd International School, for example, the school place a strong emphasis on arts education and project-based learning. This has resulted in high levels of student engagement and achievement. 

Focusing on the creativity of the school, Jacob Thomas, President of Good Shepherd International School, Said “As more and more mundane and repetitive tasks are automated, the essential skill for humanity in the future will be creativity. As we witness the emergence of AI & Robotics, breakthroughs in science, bold missions to the Moon and beyond – we are certainly being propelled towards this future faster than ever. I believe that our education should prepare our children for the skills this future will demand – not only how to interact with technology to enhance humanity and the world around us, but also to be more human by expanding our creativity and imagination. We are excited to launch our new co-curricular block that is aptly named by our students, Platformance. It is a place where students can learn a new instrument and challenge themselves through the Trinity College of London (TCL) exams for music and theatre, immerse themselves in all aspects of visual arts or our new pottery studio, and reach the full potential of their creative pursuits in our new design studios.


Talking about the necessity of creativity in the 21st Century He also mentioned that “While it is exciting to see this next phase of human development take shape, it is vital that we create critical awareness in our communities about the impacts of climate change, global warming and the catastrophic effects they will cause in the future of our children. One of our priorities is to integrate and highlight these crucial topics into our curriculums, and engage our students to discover ways in which they can be tackled; and reversed. It was remarkable to experience the PYP Exhibition this year, that showcased how our students took their understanding of science to create detailed diagrams, workflows and documented research of the impact of poor waste management and the damage that has on the environment.” 


The potential benefits of a more creative education system for India’s future


A more creative education system could have numerous benefits for India’s future. It could lead to a more innovative and dynamic workforce, capable of tackling complex challenges and driving economic growth. It could also promote greater social cohesion and understanding by encouraging students to think critically about the world around them. Overall, fostering creativity is essential for improving India’s education system. By promoting creative thinking and expression, we can prepare our students for future challenges and unlock their full potential.




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